April 14, 2014

Being a Jobless

So, I have finally quit my 8-5 job. 0pand I bought a one way ticket to kick start my travel plan.
Don't even have the time to go on emo mode. Friday was my last working and I fly Taiwan on the very next morning.  

February 17, 2014


Have you notices that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? or even odor that connect it to the visual images of that occurred at that particular moment.

I did, not only once or twice, it happened all the time.

When I was having a dinner by the beach, the smell of the muddy-low-tide beach recalled back the scenery by the Patong beach that I have visited with my friends and how do I celebrate my birthday on that year.

When I wanted to wash my winter coat, the smell of it reminded me so much on the hardship of hiking up to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal.

When I walked pass by the Famous Amos cookies stall, the smell of the cookies recalled back the old good time which I spent making it in some random years Chinese New Year.
When I lie flat on my bed, the smell of my pillow that smell so much like my baby-time-pillow, reminded me on how much I love to fight with my brother and cried with it wiping all sorts of discharge on it.

The other day, one of the random guy walk pass by and he smell so much like my ex.

Then when I hug a friend for good bye, a small whisper came to my ears telling me that I smell good, bringing back all the sweet moments shared.

Why is it smell can be so sentimental... some more so sensory stimulant!

On a separate note, I gotta make sure I smell good and unique all the time, so when someone else smell-me-scent at some random place, they will recall me! and MISS ME!

Some random pictures again, comparing how much we have grown up to be, also sentimental, but not sensory!

February 09, 2014

Quitting my comfort zone

Resigning from a company that I have been attached to for nearly 8 years, it wasn’t an easy decision to make. I started off as a scholar with IJM, and then I join in as an intern. Soon after I graduated, I officially join the company as a Project Management Executive. But that wasn’t last, only after 3 months, I’ve decided to make a move to Taiwan for a master degree. And finally came back in end of 2010 re-joining the company as a Property Development Engineer, with a little off the normal side, I’m a SCHOLAR.

I was assigned to a project manager, Oui, whom also my Sifu, my mentor, my senior, my boss, my best friend, everything from career development to personal development. Insofar, I am the carbon-copy of him, because I reflect all the good and bad in him, leaving a legacy far beyond anything that he could have imagined.

He didn’t make me stay. Instead, he supported my choice to go, all for my sake. Thanks, the legacy will pass on.

This wasn’t an easy choice, considering the sentimental string that pulls it strong on me;

I love it here because of the simplicity in office-politic. Well, at least nothing bothering me at my level.

I love having these colleagues that shares the same thought with me, the TRAVEL TALK. We hate gossip, but we love the talk, everything from the travel to cultural and heritage. We shared experiences, we like photographing what we see it nice; we shared the fun of appreciating heritage, history, and places we’ve visited. I know this is bad, we laugh over people’s stupidity too.  

I love it here when everyone seems to be sincere, whole-hearted truthfully. No double-faces card!

I love my bosses that had given me so much of opportunities to fall off my seat, and standing up taller than I was.  

I love the site walk that I seem to amaze everyone because I am the only lady-like-that-walk-site. Perhaps my skirt or hair was flying up. It’s tough to cope with skirt and dirt dust.

I love seeing the how the bonding between people goes. Seeing contractors arguing over a small matter, then they befriend again out of the meeting room.

I love it when everyone perceives me as a fresh graduate, trying to overflow me with information, knowledge, and yes I am starving for that. Nevertheless, I’ve outgrown the freshgrad, I need a freed of that image!

But I got to admit, I hate the hot sun that tans me for nothing fun. I only fall in love with the hot sun when it comes together with nice view, pleasant environment, relaxing mind. This can only happen in my travel and trip.

I am blessed to have found the what-make-a-good-working-environment company to start with, why do I choose to quit when it sounds so pleasantly heaven?

I quit. Not because I’m immature. It’s;

Because I think I am stupid, I am hunger for more knowledge, the real life experience that I couldn’t get if I’m to stay put.

Because I am curious, so I wonder, I stare and I ponder. How’s the feeling of falling down? I craved to know the pain.

Because I hate getting everything so comfortable, that I worked the everyday brainless task.

Because I hate being pampered, that I’m not growing, or rather slow.

Because I hate staying in comfort zone that will make lazy as my new ‘busy’.
Being well protected is marvellous, like a Panda. But have you ever ask a Panda if he/she is happy in the cage-being-spoon-feed-with-milk?

Because I mirrored myself to a big mirror, I questioned my existence.

Because I slap myself to the face, I questioned my achievement.   

Because I ask enough questions to myself, so where is the milestone that I am referring to?  

Because I am ignorance, I bother less on people perception, and I learnt what others don’t  

Along the way, I make friends, also haters with my straight-forward-pin-to-your-heart character. I question when I think it’s not right. I voice out when I have stupid opinion. I annoyed people with my stupidity and I embrace the people’s judgemental sight. I stand naked accepting critics, thus I learnt what others don’t.

You can call me ignorance, but I perceive it as confident!

Because I want a taste challenge, so I learn, I adjust myself making sure the path is always on a forward mode.

Because I don’t want to settle in mediocrity, thus I choose to walk out.

So I will have stories to tell when I get old!

The earth is a sphere; a goodbye is always a new beginning. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but at least it has a 'good' attached to it that promises a better tomorrow. Although this is farewell, I know our paths will one day cross again. –Quoted from EllexTing-

I wrote this soon after I read this inspiring article online.

unrelated picture taken in Ski Center, Bursa City, Turkey -Just a thought of sharing a nice pic :P-

January 16, 2014

Bello 2014!

I have drafted so many of unpublished drafts and never come back for review and publish. I'm hell busy juggling around the everyday life or rather I choose to prioritize task according to my interest. Those that couldn't catch a glimpse of me would be shoved aside!

I remembered reading an article synonymic the busy as lazy "busy is the new lazy". In the other word, I'm just being lazy!

I don't know what have I done to my Android phone, I may be a genius accidentally sync all the photos from the blog to my phone album. Then I gotta see all the old pictures of mine. So much of memories. hehee

Ok, I promise myself, I'm not gonna let all my the memories go down to the drain. I will update more, but tomorrow la... hehe, it's late now.

Good night world. Good night Mei!

Hee, I just came back from Turkey. Next post will be on Turkey

August 16, 2013

Moisture please don't go

I'm In need for water.. oh no, is moisture.

My whole body from the head to toe is way too dehydrated so much in need for moisture, fml! My face is so lacking of moisture that caused skin to peel and got me sensitive skin. Sometime with pinkish cheek that looks like blushing but no, I don't feel shy or what. It's just the rashes that itch max. fml

Another part is my hair is dying for moisture. I've already trim my waist-long hair. But still so dry... why like that!
Dip me in water please!

May 28, 2013

All I want is just a S.I.M.P.L.E life

I ask not more.

A simple life; a loving hubby, a happy family, abundance of health, a stress-free lifestyle, and my successful career...

As simple as it spelled. God Bless Me!

May 23, 2013

Can't you feel the grace

A quick one.

The month can’t be worst than this when I’ve been overwhelmed with load of bad news. To name a few; paid off thousands of taxes when I’m just earning peanut, then I was given hope on something that I think I deserved it and later got it pulled back, feel so much of disheartened and disappointment that give me speechless. And when I was sick and on medical leave then to found out that my car was badly banged by a trailer. TRAILER!!! What have I done to deserve all these!!!

Then the next day I saw another part of my car was dented, AGAIN, wtf!

If I haven't been controlling my emotion, I would have just drive myself a brand new car and leave the current as it is. Nah, you wanna bang my car?!? BRING IT ON!!!

On the bright side, the driver promised to compensate but he don’t have the money until next month. Should I feel bless or what.
Then someone send this to me....

I know the intention is good. but enough of preaching, not that I don't know what is rationality.

Staying strong for too long is also damn tiring, emotionally and mentally. wtf.
God, when is the grace coming in? or is it already here, only that I can't feel it? Then please strengthen the grace... 

March 01, 2013

Kathmandu Durbar Square worth photographing

I'm still missing Nepal for good. It has so much to make me mesmerize, the people, the culture, the architecture, the living lifestyle.

Katmandu is definately an awesome city for photography enthusiasts..

January 14, 2013

Maintaining my blog as a Travel dairy

I've been travelling around since few years back. It started with an exchange program to Sung Kyun Kwan University in Korea. For the very first time I am taking a flight with MAS, I was so excited to be on board. We were there for quite a few weeks, but I merely can remember dates and figures in exact. 

There goes the memories. What was left are just photograph that speak thousands of words.

I knew that I wanted to record as many of the journey as I can, even before I started to travel. I even wrote postcard from everywhere I've been and send it home, with the message of that moment. I do keep journals on each every journey too, recorded all moments.

While I'm recording events, I don't seems to trivial about it, but it really fantastic when I have to look back on it later. 

What was the name of the French guy that makes me missed Lourve Museum and Eiffel Tower night view?
What was the taste of the ice-cream in winter? 
What was the silly thing that I've done in a Korea club after get drunk?
What was the feeling of getting burned by a super big heater? 
What was the pictures that Nepali dance in the club? 
What was the name of the Dutch that had a crush on me? 
What was the price to pay for being lazy to walk in Italy?
What was the look of the Italian lady that paid for my tram ride in Milan?
Who is the most bestie for my every single journey? This I would say for sure, she is NANCY LIM. 
What was the name of the guy that I meet during trekking from Arizona? 

Will I be able to remember everything that had happened in my life, in the later years? 
Maintaining a blog can help me to keep myself sane. 

~Nepal Next~

December 31, 2012

Nepal caught me with suprises!

The title explained things, be it good or bad.

I swear we are the best partner in crime in dealing with crisis management but failed in risk management.

Every morning, I woke up with a different surprise waiting for me to be unveil!

First, Emergency Seat upgraded to Business Class

I remember flying to London in a 15 hours flight sitting beside an Aussie kid name Daniel. Nancy sat like thousand miles away from me. The only entertainment was to let Daniel pull my hair, pat my shoulder when I was asleep, and to speak baby language to him *dead*

I'm taking a connecting flight from Penang to KL then to Kathmandu, seat arrangement will then be fixed from Penang Airport. Because me and Nancy were checking in from different airport, thus I requested the stewardess to reserve a seat beside me for her *I thought I am smart*. So I don't have to get my hair pulled again and we both are dying for an catch-up gossip.

Seat 12E and 12D. 

I was dumb-fully feels happy to get the seats until Nancy says it was emergency seats with no seat reclining for the 4-5 hours flight. FML, why am I so stupid!

To my suprise, I was upgraded to business class for KL-Kathmandu flight after showing the crew teary-helplessy eyes *princess life*. 

So there aren't any tricks to get upgraded to business class. It's a little bit of dumbness and a little bit of luck and I remembered smiling and greeting Thanks to the airline agent even though he says that the flight is full *sopan santun, ok*.

Princess life

 Second, baggage stranded in KLIA

When I was about to recite my thankful message to MAS, i've got another surprise to awaiting! My baggage was delayed to Kathmandu for another 3 days. *pull back all the thankful messages and start to curse MAS* I'm wearing flipflop, fml! It's winter here in Nepal.

OK, never mind. I give myself a very good reason to officiate the trip with shopping.
Sad wanna die, I miss my Forever21 cowboy boots
All that left with me, my Teva

Third, super expensive Meals

We had our first super expensive lunch at Kathmandu Guest House Restaurant and Italiano Pizza for dinner, 2000rs. Dumbfully thought it was cheap until we know some locals only eat about 200-300rs per meal, fol!

Before I got to know the meal cost us 1400+ rs 

Fourth, electricity and hot shower shocks!

Then we got back to our Guest House knowing that there is no electricity and we've to live in darkness. Fine, I got headtorch. But no hot water no hot shower too. The guest house used solar heating system for hot shower. Not only this guest house, most of the places in Nepal uses solar heating for hot shower and this means that I can't take shower during the night, fml!

Then we have Milo Ice with toothbrush
Fifth, over friendly to locals and attract unnecessary people!

Everyone looks at us like as if we are so different and Nancy warned me not being over friendly with people. They smile to me then I replied their smile laa, is that wrong? After I smile or replied to their question, they'll follow me!
Now I know why we're different
Everywhere we go, people will ask if we are from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam. I can actually change nationality everyday! Feel annoyed with them saying me from China!

Somehow I found that Nepalese like Malaysian so much. To my wonder, employers in Malaysia got really treat foreign worker that nice? until someone shouted out of nowhere... Hey, you... Hey, you I know you, Malaysian!! and he ran toward me and to give me a handshake.

Sixth, Nancy lost her Singapore Simcard and attracted a local Nepali!

Then we went Bakthaphur for sight seeing and meet a self-claimed tourguide that likes Nancy so much. This guy name Prakash, keep texting her with affection messages *geli to the max* Says he is upset because he can't meet her again, then says hope to meet her tomorrow in Thamel, etc. Fhl Nancylim! hahahaha

The next day we have to sneak out from the guest house worrying that he will wait for us  in the main door, fol!

Bakthapur Durbar Square
We tried the local frozen yogurt called Kim Curd and it's very famous in Bakthaphur. Slurppy to the max, it's much better than marigold or nestle. Only 20rs, rm0.70.

very the sedap, kim curd
Seventh, I super genius chocked the toilet with toilet rolls!

Aiya, Malaysian always throw used toiletpaper inside and flush it away. Where on earth we throw it to the bin!! unless it's sanitary pads! Who know I can't do so in Nepal. I saw the bin, but ignorance, didn't throw in it cos smelly la! Some more I tried to flush like half roll of toilet roll in it. Now ftl, chocked!!! whole rescue team come to repair like emergency ICU like that! hahaha, I just stand, pretending to wash my hand, checking my hair through mirror and acts innocent.

Eighth, I was suppose to collect luggage in airport but I forgot the passport and luggage tag, super smart!

Driver don't want to turn back and asked me to take a cab back to the hotel to get my passport, fml! I went to the airport alone with my non-roaming-phone. Can't even contact Nancy for help, I forget to save her Nepal contact number, *fml*. Worst is I don't have money with me too!!!

I feel so helpless all alone. But I was proven wrong. When I was wandering alone in airport, Nepalese approached me offering help. OMG, they are really helpful and kind.

One of the guy from phone shop help me to reach to Nancy. He called to the guest house and also traced her number from their registration and got her to send my passport and luggage tag to the airport. Thanks GOD!

Another guy offer to make call to get MAS agent to help me in getting back compensation and baggage. He even got me Malaysia Embassy number.

Then only I got to know that MAS flight was delayed, and luggage was delayed too wtf!

The most surprising is I meet Menglee n Ting Fu in the airport. One of them call me with the name of ahphan's ex. lol what a funny name I have.

After 3 days, I welcome my green apple with laughter
Ninth, miscommunication is the biggest problem here!

I don't know if they don't understand my English or they just ignorance, especially those hotel managers!

The manager told me that I can dry my hair at the hotel barber shop for free because there is no electricity in the room. but when I was there, they asked for money! Then the manager says he never say that it's free, fhl!

Another hotel manager in Chitwan says hotel pickup is 3000rs (about 33USD) but local bus only cost us 30rs (0.33USD). See the different! He thought we're stupid or Malaysian are rich! *chop vegetable head, lol* Nancy scold the manager for being crazy.

Our paragliding company informed us in the very last moment that we've to pay extra 70USD because they can't give the price that they've promised! We can choose to refund but only can get back the money after 10-15days later, wtf! Again, Nancy ended up scolding our trek guide!

Hotel manager in Lumbini said it was 15 USD for a night and the price hike to 50 USD
right after we checked the room. Then Nancy scold the manager, AGAIN! hahahaha, don't mess with her!

... and a lot more of these. lesson learnt, ask for black and white and talk the inclusive/ exclusive/ term/ condition before paying up! Don't pay any amount or pay only half until you get the thing done.

Tenth, we both were locked underground in a dark cave

At Pokhara, we rented a bicycle for sight seeing around Pokhara Lakeside. Then come a guy who intro us to Devi Falls and said is very near. *go straight, turn right into the first junction, then turn right again when come to another junction, and turn right again then all the way straight* sound like a loop, and very near! wtf, it's actually few kilometers away!

The guy at the Devi Fall says they will only close at 6pm. We paid 100rs each to get into don't know what cave at 5pm. Got out at 530pm to realize that we both have been locked underground in the dark-wet cave, fol! We yell like moroon for help! Managed to snap some pictures too. hahaha! Is not the end yet, I cramped my both legs after cycling another extra kilometers back to the hotel.
still manage to snapshot *crisis management pass*
tired die me... sigh!
Later, knowing that there was no hot water for shower is really devastated! It was the so called luxury hotel that we booked from Agoda. My patient was tested again. Sorry la hotel manager got scolded by me!

Besides all that, of course there are good and funny things from Nepal.

An average Nepali earning about 10000 Rs per month (120-140 USD). But working in Pizza Hut or KFC can earn 25000 Rs (300 USD) per month and they only hire Uni graduate with good command of English. These fast food restaurant are as if like MNC in Nepal, a class higher because it's international standard.

There is this guy riding on bicycle almost fall into the river for looking at us! hahaha!

Nancy was always been mistaken to be Nepali! People like to talk to us in Nepali, fhl!

If I ever live here for long, guess i'll be either die of heart attack or be a nun with high tolerence level, both extreme ends!

*my patient was tested, my tolerence was trained, my limit was far extended, Thanks Nepal!*

Nepal is really a special country to visit and I think I will be back to Nepal again.